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Focus Groups Park Studies Unit University of Idaho
National Park Service - U.S. Department of the Interior

ChecklistChecklist for Conducting Focus Groups

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  • Obtain approval to conduct the evaluation from park superintendent/park official
  • Clarify the themes, goals, and/or objectives of the service/program/activity being evaluated
  • Formulate guiding questions
  • Formulate focus group questions
  • Obtain approval from Office of Management and Budget
  • Meet with park staff to explain the evaluation
  • Select and train focus group moderator(s)
  • Prepare focus group meeting place, equipment, supplies
  • Conduct and transcribe the focus groups (Moderator does this)
  • Write focus group report(s) – one for each park service/program/activity evaluated
  • Hold a staff planning session to share results and discuss an action plan/report
  • Write the planning session report
  • Deliver planning session report and individual focus group reports to the park superintendent/park official